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Top 8 Shirts just for HIM

lei rowan

Posted on October 21 2020

Top 8 Shirts just for HIM -

Time and Tide wait for none.

Ride the wave with Jams World in the sickest Shirts for HIM.

The right shirt can prove to be the amour of the modern man that gives him the confidence to levitate through life. As men, we often find it backbreaking to pick, mix and match clothes, so we took the effort to make the process just a tad bit easier for you and help you elevate your look.

Check out our TOP 8 Shirts for Him and why they made it on the list!

 1. Loop De Loop

 Loop De Loop

Bedazzle the hazard sign with our signature Loop de Loop print – Dynamic Spirals of Color. Get lost in the charm of beachlife and let it reflect on your shirt. After a long day of riding the waves, stroll down the beach and cool off in a Jams World hawaiian shirts for men.

2. Kawai'iki Blue


This shirt is inspired by the Kawai’ki Trail, located in O’ahu, Hawaii. The Kawai'iki trail is a beautiful trekking stretch famous for its variety of wild flora and bird watching sites. Explore the beauty of nature with our Aloha style Kawai'iki Blue shirt.

3. Modern Ivory


Nothing beats a classic! A white shirt is every man’s best friend and a reliable option. Its Coconut buttons help to swiftly button down making for a great grab-and-go shirt when life comes calling. White shirts are also a top pick date-night shirt for the simple, classic man. 

4. Ice Pop

 Ice Pop

Are you a fan of abstract art? Do you often find yourself dazing and drifting away in the works of Mondrian, Rothko and Matisse? Plunge into the icy blue depths of the artist within you with our Retro Men’s Ice Pop beach shirts.

5. Gauguin


Walking down the beach, nothing brings more joy than seeing someone else wearing your favorite artists’ work. It’s like finding a friend you can vibe with immediately.

Our Ganguin mens retro shirts is a great conversation starter and a must have especially if you’re a fan of Symbolist and Cloisonnist art, especially of Ganguin himself.

6. Retro Glacier


Low-key a party shirt, but one of the best in class. Pair our Retro Glacier shirt with an off-white pair of chinos and your favorite slides for a fun beach party by the hotel. The bright red and yellow beautifully contrast and complement your pants. When you’re not headed to the beach you can pair them with some skinny jeans and a white Nike Cortez for a casual street look.

7. Pineapple Patch


The Pineapple Patch print shirt comes with a rich mix of colors and a unique pineapple motif that fits right in with the authentic Hawaii aesthetic. Throw it on with a pair of shorts and breathe-in the rich air from your patio at Sunset, with a cocktail to match.

8. Waiola Black

 Waiola Black

Versatility at its peak! The Waiola Black shirt for men’s can be worn with just about anything in your closet; chinos, trousers, jeans, you name it. A classic floral print that takes you back to the 80’s surfer scenes. Ride around town in a vintage Volkswagen and let your hair down as you shine like California sun.     

For selected pieces that you purchase, Jams World donates a portion of its retail to Make a Wish - Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific Health Cancer Center and the Hawaii Foodbank. We plan to continue the good work with your love and support.

Become a part of a movement with Jams World today!


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