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Next Generation Boardshort

Jenna Forti

Posted on March 05 2019

Next Generation Boardshort -
A modern take on Surf Line Hawaii Originals, in a technical boardshort form. 
Since the opening of the Surf Line Hawaii store in International Marketplace a year ago, the space has been a nostalgic and cathartic outlet for the company - dedicated to telling stories through the vintage inspired product and gallery-like layout of the store. Designers spend hours looking through archival samples, art, and everything in between for inspiration, perpetuating a legacy our founder, Dave Rochlen, started in 1964.  
As a collective of the numerous brands and incredible collections that have emerged since the original surf shop opened 55 years ago, there are countless treasures in the archives to create something special with. 
Everything in the store is a tribute to the company history and the hands who brought it to life.
David Rochlen III, grandson of founder Dave Rochlen, keeps the stylish legacy alive. Rochlen demonstrates how these boardshorts tick all the boxes when it comes to fashion and function.
From the 60s archive - Party Wave
The Tradewinds color way - an iconic Surf Line Hawaii print via 60s archive.
Crash colors from the 80s archive, the peak era of Original Jams - Geobomb
Crash colors and funky geometrics from the 80s archive - Checkmate
Crash colors with an Island twist from the 80s archive - Hibiscus Jam
Bold, colorful, abstract flower art from the 80s archive - Geo Floral
Dave Rochlen's vision lives on with each artifact, telling of his experiences and what he believed in. With each collection, from 1964 to today, the message will always be "Color, Freedom, Difference, and Love". 
Photography   |    Matt Heirakuji @mattkuji

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